Before and After Dental Implants

Before and After Dental Implants

Have a look at just what a difference dental implants can make to your smile. We can simply let the images to the talking on this one, and if you are looking or thinking of having dental implants you can have a free no obligation consultation with Dr Leyla Packham to work on the best plan of action. The pictures display Before and After Dental Implants.

We have many more examples of Before and After Dental Implants pictures that we can also show you if want to see more. Implants are a major decision as they will require commitment on your part. This will be both financially and from a time commitment perspective.

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Understanding The Risk of Unsafe Teeth Whitening

Here at Sonria in central London, we always try to explain to our customers that teeth whitening should be done by a professionally trained dentist. A dentist that understands the chemistry behind today’s best teeth whitening techniques. Its very important we all understand the risk of unsafe teeth whitening. More info on our teeth whitening services.

More and more customers are telling us that they have seen offers in papers and online about cheap teeth whitening techniques and as a result we thought we would share this article with you from Dental Health website explaining in detail the serious risks that are at play.

A Charity called the Oral Health Foundation highlighted a very serious risk that consumers are taking.

Click here to read the full article

The Risks Of Poor Dental Hygiene

Poor Dental Hygiene

“Oral health charity calls for action on sugar after PHE report”

action on sugar

According to Oral health charity British Dental Health Foundation are calling for action on sugar which would including a reduction on price promotions in stores, sugar reduction in everyday food and drink and an introduction of a 10-20% tax on sugary soft drinks.

This come after a PHE (Public Health England) report on sugar stating “children’s tooth extractions cost the NHS around £30 million per year, with the biggest cause being tooth decay” cause predominantly by sugar. To learn more about dental hygiene click here

The report calls for a reduction on price promotions in stores, sugar reduction in everyday food and drink in general and an implementation of a 10-20% tax on soft drinks.

Tooth extractions for kids can cost the NHS and Government £30 million per year. The biggest cause being tooth decay and tooth decay excerbated by over consumption of sugar. Sugary food and drink are also the biggest reason for children being admitted to hospital for general anaesthetics. This cannot be allowed to continue. There is a definite need for quick and decisive action and there needs to be high level intervention to help change the Britain’s attitude to sugar.

The Government has so far resisted the call for the Sugar tax but reviews like this may help to sway them.

Read the full article here

Banning smoking will be a significant step for children’s oral health

Well, it’s official, you cannot now smoke in a car with anyone under the age of 18 in the vehicle. This will be a boon for children’s oral health. The law came into play from October 1st of this year and anyone caught smoking with a minor in the vehicle can be charged accordingly.

The problem with second hand smoke is that it can seriously cause issues to the gums, create tooth loss and even mouth cancer. There is a great article on this over on the dental health website and you can read all about the positive effects this will have on your children.

Here at Sonria Dental Clinic, we understand the harm that smoking can cause your teeth. As nicotine sits on the teeth it can cause major discolouration especially in heavy smokers and also lead to other areas of concern such as mouth cancer, gum disease, tooth loss and much more. However, we are not here to tell you that you should quit smoking, but we do have ways to help combat the effects of smoking such as regular good oral hygiene such as brushing in the morning and the evening, flossing, using antiseptic mouth wash and making sure you have regular checkups with the dentist.

If there is anything you need to think about when it comes to oral health, it’s hygiene and regular checkups – so if you are in the Central London area near Regents Park, then why not get your free consultation with us and let us put you on the path to a healthier and happier oral lifestyle.


New Bacteria Mechanism links Periodontitis Heart Disease

Leyla Packham Dentist Sonria Dental Clinic

We have discovered a great article that researchers have been studying the links between oral topical medication for periodontitis  preventing vascular inflammation and help to reduce the risks of heart attacks. Here at Sonria Dental Clinic we know that many of clients understand the long term effects of general oral health are not just for the mouth, but for vascular performance too.

To read the full article visit this link and if you are in the Central London area, why not book a free consultation with our friendly team of staff to check up on your oral health. Its worth seeing other articles on Google about periodontitis to heart disease.

periodontitis heart disease

A Natural Way of Preventing Tooth Decay

Dental Hygienist Central London

There are many reasons why tooth decay occurs and you would surprised to hear of the many issues and problems that accelerate tooth decay in children and adults. At Sonria we like to focus on Preventing Tooth Decay.

Here are the main reasons that tooth decay can arise:

  • Fruit – The acid in fruit can burn through the enamel on teeth and cause teeth to erode, this is more with citric acid fruits like lemons, oranges and fruit drinks.
  • Sweets – The sugar in sweets naturally erodes enamel and is one of the biggest reasons for cavities we see in the dentists for children.
  • Smoking & Alcohol – A sure way of adding plaque to your teeth is with smoking and drinking too much.
  • Neglect – Not cleaning your teeth properly, we advise twice a day with dental floss too.

So, with tooth decay culprits clearly defined above, how is it that we still see many patients with tooth decay and then requiring crowns, fillings and even tooth extractions to combat the problem. Knowledge on Preventing Tooth Decay is limited in the general public and we are here to advise and share knowledge.

Well, the Science Daily website seems to have found an answer and it is all natural. As well as adhering to the rules above and if you are a smoker and drinker, then taking extra precaution and measures is a must. Click the button below and read this fascinating article.

Drill-Free Dentistry May Be The Future

Leyla Packham Dentist Sonria Dental Clinic

Researchers at King’s College London have been working towards a Drill-Free Dentistry world. The idea is to have the teeth that heal themselves and to make dentistry more streamlined and more accessible for those people that have dental phobia.

Here at Sonria Dental Clinic we always make sure we make the process as simple and as pain free as possible. For example, our dental implants have become routine with many customers only needing a consultation then a return visit for the work to implant.

Why not read more on the BBC Health section of the website.

Dental Implants Overview

You may be thinking of dental implants but want to know more about what they are, what they cost, what they do for you and so on, so we have decided to put this blog together to give you a Dental Implants Overview to help you make a better informed choice.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant supports your false teeth (or false tooth), this is done by inserting a titanium screw in to the jawbone to supporting the failing root of the teeth (tooth) and holds your teeth in tight enabling you still eat your chosen foods and maintain longevity.

How long do Dental Implants last for?

A dental implant is just the same as your normal teeth, if you look after them, you can have years of usage from them as you would with your normal teeth. If however, you don’t look after them, then they can coat pretty much like your normal teeth would and develop plaque and can cause bad breath and other problems. With regular checkups with us, they will last like normal teeth.

Is it pain free?

Pretty much yes, we use a local anaesthetic as we would with a tooth extraction then we insert the screw into the jawbone. You may feel a little discomfort afterwards, but this perfectly normal and will pass within hours.

How long is the process?

It depends, you might be able to have instant implants, therefore taking away that second appointment, but you would need to check with us beforehand. Sometimes we perform the implant then around 3-4 months later we can fit your teeth, both processes are very standard and perfectly pain free.

Post Implant – What happens?

We need to make sure the bone has fused around the implant and has taken well, once we have seen this we can then add the teeth to the implant. As said before this can be up to 3-4 months depending on how well the implant fuses to the jawbone

Factors that affect the health of your dental implants.

As with normal teeth, dental implants require regular maintenance checkups, normally every 6 months is the limit. However, factors that can affect your dental implants are:

  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy Diet
  • Stress 
  • Gum Disease

For more information on our dental implants, visit our dental implants page or call us for a free consultation today.