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5 star rating  Been going to this dentist since 2015 and I cant imagine going anywhere else! Very professional and super welcoming. Best dentist ever!

she shimmers Avatar she shimmers

5 star rating  Went to this dentist to polish down a chipped wisdom tooth. Service was excellent, and every single member of staff was knowledgable and incredibly friendly! Would definitely recommend!

Emmad Chinoy Avatar Emmad Chinoy

5 star rating  I just wanted to write a review, I cant find how to put on the website...

Sonria was my best dental experience ever! My dentist was Leyla and she was so kind - the hi-tech cameras allow you to see everything going on, it was really great to understand what is being done rather then being scared. It was the first ever experience I have had where nobody tried to sell me anything. I came out feeling great and really reassured. All the staff were really great, Adriana especially helpful explaining everything to me. I have just booked an air polish and whitening, and actually looking forward to going to the dentist! Thanks.

Anthony Newell

anthony newell Avatar anthony newell

5 star rating  I really recommend this dentist. Staff are very professional in a friendly way, the practice is set in a beautiful building and service is smooth and efficient. To make things even better, Layla the dentist, is really warm, makes you feel relaxed and explains the procedure you will get very clearly, which is helpful and reassuring. Thank you Sonria, for great service!

Fiona Veira-McTiernan Avatar Fiona Veira-McTiernan

5 star rating  Generally, I have always feared the dentist but being introduced to Sonria has changed my life!!! Leyla is my go to dentist, thank you and your team so much for always taking care of me and keeping me calm!! I definitely recommend to all, the practice is very clean, the atmosphere is relaxing and you will actually enjoy going to the dentist more often 🙂

Lara R Avatar Lara R

5 star rating  The best service ever. Great staff. Appointment on time. Good and comfortable waiting room.

Happy to return everytime

Adriana Juarez Del Angel Avatar Adriana Juarez Del Angel

Erika Ruiz-Mealin is an artist! Within just four visits, she gave
me such amazing results that I never imagined having within
such a short period of time! She is clearly a talented and skillful
Orthodontist. I am glad to be under her care. Her staff are
amazing and always made sure you were comfortable and had everything you needed! I would highly recommend Erika
to anyone out there wanting to get their wonderful smile just like I did!’There is nothing more important than ones smile; it is the essence of self image and personal confidence. Cost should not be the issue, only results.Leyla Gomez and her wonderful staff have made my teeth look beautiful clean and healthy. And the best part – no pain and no anxiety. Visiting Leyla Gomez is a pleasant experience.

Leyla is an experienced dentist keeping up on the latest tools and techniques offered. I actually feel pleased that I had the good fortune to find Leyla. Her location is pretty central and easy to find.
Did you ever think you would hear that about going to a dentist? I will always recommend her to my friends and people that look for a dentist.

Diana Carolina Gutierrez

‘What immediately struck me when I arrived at the surgery was the warm and sincere welcome shown to me by all the staff. They are kind, gentle and empathic to the needs of the patient. The atmosphere was peaceful, relaxing and even zen- like.I felt straight away I could trust the dentist. She examined my teeth, then explained clearly the situation, made suggestions and recommendations. She took time and attention in doing so. She helped me to relax, as I was very nervous.

She was very accommodating, helpful and caring. I was delighted with the work carried out. Great care had been taken throughout the treatment. Her skill and care saved a crown not to mention further distress and expense.

I have no hesitation in recommending Leyla Gomez, and Sonria Dental Clinic Team. I cannot speak highly enough about the treatment and service received.’


‘Since I became a patient of Sonria Dental Clinic, a few years ago,
I have always received the best service and treatments according
to my needs. The staff is very friendly and professional which makes the trip to the dentist an enjoyable and relaxing experience. What I really admire about them is their willingness to help and offer the appointments at the most convenient time for the patient.’Jenny Martinez
‘Leyla and all the team provide a fantastic service.
They are helpful, friendly and obliging at all times.
They are highly skilled professionals and committed
themselves to help patients to achieve the best treatment.
I felt comfortable and well looked after. I have been very
happy with the dental work I received and have experienced
no problems since. The work they did was wonderful.
I can’t thank them enough!’Selcuk
‘When I walked into the surgery in Devonshire Place,
for my initial dental appointment, I was struck by the beautiful
décor of the practice, which was immediately welcoming and
reassuring. I have always received excellent and professional
dental care from Leyla Gomez, which includes fillings and hygiene. She takes time to explainthe treatments as it progresses, which I find both useful and reassuring. Leyla also offered me advice as to how to regularly care for my teeth.My appointments with Leyla are always a pleasure and positive experience, not what one usually associates with going to the dentist. I would, certainly, recommend Leyla Gomez for any kind of dental treatment a patient may require.’Mrs Pauline Brueseke
‘Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did
during my last visit. Never have I referred myself to a
dentist’s appointment as “pleasurable”, but I believe
this is the only word with which to describe my recent
visit. The combination of your skills along with the beautiful
and relaxed space, and the very talented people that assist you, may have altogether removed my historical fear from dentistry appointments.’Mr Camilo Galvis, Diplomat
‘This note is to thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave to
my son, Daniel. The work and attention received by us has been
excellent. We are, completely, satisfied and delighted with the service given by you and Adrian. Additionally, we always enjoy every visit
to the Sonria Clinic with its warm, familiar and professional atmosphere.Once again, many thanks for the treatment, my son now has one more reason to smile.’Rene Almeida
‘During the last 2 years that we have been visiting Leyla in her surgery we have always enjoyed her friendly welcome and excellent treatment.Thanks to her professionalism we have maintained regular visits for the last couple of years and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Leyla to anyone.’

James and Claudia