Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles® is a short-term orthodontic solution that quickly transforms your smile in as little as six months. By focusing on just the front teeth, this popular brace can tackle the most common dental complaints in less than half the time of comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Using Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® clear brackets, combined with the use of tooth-coloured, ‘memory-shaped’ wires, this orthodontic treatment is very discreet. Over the period of a few months, and adjustments every four weeks, the custom designed brace gently pushes the teeth into the correct position, correcting spaced, crowded and overlapping teeth.

The Six Month Smiles system is a practical solution for general dentists. It integrates highly specialised materials that are uniquely designed to treat cosmetic cases. The system combines the ease of use and scope of treatment associated with aligners, but with the reliability of braces. With Six Month Smiles, a wide range of tooth movements can be predictably achieved. These include extrusions, rotations, intrusions, and various types of tipping.

The general process of Six Month Smiles is as follows:

  1. Dental impressions are taken of the patient’s teeth
  2. The impressions are sent to the Six Month Smiles Case Processing Centre, where a bracket specialist/technician sets up the case.
  3. A custom kit created for the patient is send to the dentist for initiation of treatment.
  4. The dentist and assistant precisely position the brackets on bonding trays, for a later easy and efficient one-step seating process.
  5. The wires used in the treatment have shape memory that works in conjunction with the brackets to guide the teeth to the pre-set and desired position.

This treatment is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have any major orthodontic issues and who isn’t looking to achieve an absolutely perfect bite but rather just correct anterior teeth that are out of alignment. It’s a solution for aesthetical reasons rather than functional ones! With the use of low forces and a short overall orthodontic treatment times, comfort, safety and hygiene is increased, while your costs decrease.


six month smiles


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