Dr Ciro Gilvetti

Specialist Oral Surgeon

About Us

GDC number:101766

Queen Victoria Hospital
Associate Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial surgery
University College London
Associate Clinical Lecturer

I am a highly trained oral surgeon with a strong commitment to providing high-quality, pain-free treatment to all my patients. Having worked with a diverse range of individuals, I have developed excellent communication skills and excel at putting patients at ease and clearly explaining procedures, expected outcomes and post-treatment follow-up needs. I have extensive experience performing oral surgery and oral medicine, including difficult extractions, dental implants, restorations and bone augmentation procedures. In addition, I am adept at diagnosing and managing treatment of infective, premalignant and immunological oral diseases.

Throughout my career, I have trained and mentored numerous dental students, new dentists and other clinical and non-clinical staff. This includes lecturing and teaching university and continuing education courses in oral medicine as well as assessing progress and providing individualised support to assist students and colleagues in learning new techniques and procedures.