Dental Implant Consultation

Everyone’s dental situation is unique, and that means that everyone requires a exclusive solution. More importantly, everybody has different expectations from their treatment. Our consultations not only include a detailed clinical check, but we also aim to get to know you, understand your reasons for dental implant treatment and help you to make informed choices about any procedure options. 

As dental implants are such an effective and long-lasting solution, it is important we carry out a comprehensive checks and assessments of your oral health. Your initial consultation will form a vital part of the decision-making process for your dental implant treatment.

During your visit to Sonria, our consultant will also ask you about your:

• Medical history – this is particularly important as there are some existing medical conditions that are not compatible with dental implants.

• Dental history – all previous dental treatment and complications need to be taken into consideration when developing your treatment plan.

We will also refer you to complete a CT-Scan, which produces detailed images of many structures inside the body. A CT-Scan will allow us to see the condition and suitability of your bone for dental implants. It will also help us determine if any pre-operation procedures need to be carried out, such as bone grafting and soft tissue grafting.