Dental Price Guide

Fees for treatment do fluctuate depending upon the complexity of the treatment you are receiving and cost of dental laboratory work. The following fee guide provides a sample of treatments available at the practice. You will be provided with a full treatment plan and estimate of cost following your consultation. Specialist treatment will be quoted on an individual basis.

Dental Treatment

New Patient Consultation (inc. small x-rays)
Small X-ray
Panoramic X-ray
CBCT Scan (per arch, no reporting)
Diagnostic Wax Up


Hygiene Menu

Classic Hygiene£135
Advanced Hygiene – using our unique airflow for sparkling results
Intensive Maintenance – for on-going periodontal gum disease – fees from£280
Unique Airflow Polish
Fissure Sealant (per tooth)

Fluoridation (per arch)£80

Fillings (each)

Composite Onlay/Inlay (lab made)

Resin Bonded Preventative Restoration£100

Root Canal Treatments

Incisor or Canine tooth

Specialist Root Canal Treatments – fees from

Incisor or Canine tooth£800
Exploratory check£ 250

Teeth Extractions

Routine Extraction
Complex Extraction£300
Specialist Wisdom Tooth Extraction£450
Specialist Extraction£350
Specialist Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction£500

Surgical Procedures – fees from

Gingivectomy (per tooth)£80
Lingual Frenectomy

Sinus Lift£2800


Adult/Child (one colour)
Bite Guards/Removable Retainers

Michigan Splint£450

Crowns and Veneers – fees from

All ceramic (metal free) Per Unit (lab made)

Emax Crown£950
Zirconium Crown£980
Metal-porcelain Crown£780
Composite Veneers (per tooth)£450
Ceramic Veneers (per tooth)£750

Inlays/Onlays – fees from



Teeth Whitening

Professional ‘At Home’ whitening (inc. top up kit)
‘In Surgery’ Laser Whitening (for an instant result)

Combination of ‘In Surgery’ and ‘At Home’ Whitening£750
Luminous_ home Laser Whitening#350

Bridgework (per unit) – fees from

Zirconium (metal free)£950
Maryland Bridge

Porcelain Bonded Metal Bridge per unit£780
Re-Cement Crown
Re-Cement Bridge
Re-Cement Maryland Bridge/Veener£200

Dentures – fees from

1 to 3 Teeth
4 to 8 Teeth

9 Teeth and Over
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic
Partial Upper or Lower Acrylic
Flexible Acrylic Partial Upper or Lower
Chrome Upper or Lower (full/partial)£2100

Repairs – fees from

Additional Tooth/Clasp
Repair of Acrylic Denture

Chrome Denture Repair£380

Express 24/48h Denture Repair Service

Repair of Acrylic
Repair of Chrome

Dental Emergencies – fees from

Emergency Treatment for Unregistered Patients
Emergency Appointment registered patients (inc. small x-rays, antibiotics)£180
Emergency Appointment for Simple Extraction£280
Emergency Appointment for Surgical Extraction£350

Dental Implants – fees from

Implant Consultation (inc. x-rays but excludes CBCT scan)
Implant with Crown
Implant with Bridge/Denture£POA

IV Sedation – fees from

Per hour


Emergency Treatment for Unregistered Patients – fees from

Emergency Appointment (inc. small x-rays, prescription, no dental treatment)
Emergency Appointment for Simple Extraction
Emergency Appointment for Surgical Extraction£350

Orthodontics Treatments – fees from

Orthodontic Consultation
Retainer (each)
Functional Appliances
Traditional Braces
Six Month Smiles – One arch
Six Month Smiles – Two arches
Invisalign® Aligner (per arch)£2300
ClearSmile Aligner (per arch)
3M Ceramic Braces