What is it like to get BTX injections? The reason I am doing this is that since I have been posting my lip filler and anti-wrinkle injections on my very limited social media, to which only my friend has access to, I have been bombarded with questions!

This particular blog post will be about anti-wrinkle, BTX injections…

Some of these questions include…
“You are crazy, why are you having facial injections done?”
“What did you get on your forehead, ‘Botox’ or fillers?”
“Do the facial injections hurt?”
“Why would you get ‘Botox’? You don’t have any wrinkles.”
“How do anti-wrinkle injections work?”
“How does ‘Botox’ work?”
And the list goes on…

I’ve been getting anti-wrinkle injections, what some would call “Botox” [BTX injections], at Sonria since 2013, making me 21 years old at the time. My first experience experiment with facial aesthetics was administering BTX injections  in the glabella (the area between your eyebrows). This has gradually developed into getting PRGF (plasma rich in growth factors) facials, teeth whitening, and, most recently, lip enhancement.

The reason I started at such a young age was that thanks to my father’s genetics, I had a solid muscle in the glabella that was gradually, but surely, leaving an undesirable dent in my skin (a wrinkle!). Not only can lines make you look that slightly bit older, but it can make you self-conscious and, sometimes unhappy, about your appearance. To me, it also made me feel like my facial expressions were always, somewhat, negative. Getting anti-wrinkles injections was an easy decision for me.

Not long after, I bumped into Sonria at the London Olympia Beauty 2013 where I had the anti-wrinkle injections administered for two reasons: (1) to relax the glabella muscles, and (2) brow lift. However, I would only get seven units per important point. This means that the muscles are weakened enough to prevent wrinkles, but not sufficient, so you still have some movement. Therefore you can even create facial expressions. This technique I have kept up until today. I visit Sonria every five to six months to get the same seven units administered in the glabella.

During my anti-wrinkle appointment at Sonria, I am welcomed by the lovely team and made feel like I am at home right way. Shortly after, Leyla calls me into the practice where I sit in her beautiful chair looking up at the beautiful decor. I have the option of putting Elma Cream, a local anaesthetic numbing cream, to prevent pain associated with injections or minor surgical procedures. Given that the needle is skinny and delicate, I find that the discomfort is not that great and opt not to have it.

Before commencing the treatment, Leyla thoroughly disinfects the areas to be injected to ensure hygiene and prevent any infections. To identify the body of the muscles that need to be treated, Leyla asks me to frown as much as I possibly can, while she marks them with a while cosmetics pencil. She then proceeds by injecting the seven units per point that need to be treated. Leyla then gently wipes away any small pimples of blood as a result of the injection.

The whole appointment itself lasts approximately 20 minutes, and then I am back to my daily routines.

And with that… I will leave you with a few post-treatment instructions following BTX injections:
• Do not manipulate the treated area(s) for, minimum, three hours following treatment.
• Do not undergo facial/laser treatments or microdermabrasion for at least ten days following treatment.
• Do not lie down for at least four hours after treatment. This will prevent the toxin from tracking into the orbit of your eye and causing drooping eyelid(s),
• Do not perform activities involving rigorous exercise, straining, and heavy lifting for at least six hours after treatment.

Always ask you, aesthetician, if you are unsure about the time frame of treatments that you are considering carrying out. Leyla and her team are still more than happy to answer any questions.

Note – it can take approximately four to seven days for results to be seen!

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