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You may be thinking of dental implants but want to know more about what they are, what they cost, what they do for you and so on, so we have decided to put this blog together to give you a Dental Implants Overview to help you make a better informed choice.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant supports your false teeth (or false tooth), this is done by inserting a titanium screw in to the jawbone to supporting the failing root of the teeth (tooth) and holds your teeth in tight enabling you still eat your chosen foods and maintain longevity.

How long do Dental Implants last for?

A dental implant is just the same as your normal teeth, if you look after them, you can have years of usage from them as you would with your normal teeth. If however, you don’t look after them, then they can coat pretty much like your normal teeth would and develop plaque and can cause bad breath and other problems. With regular checkups with us, they will last like normal teeth.

Is it pain free?

Pretty much yes, we use a local anaesthetic as we would with a tooth extraction then we insert the screw into the jawbone. You may feel a little discomfort afterwards, but this perfectly normal and will pass within hours.

How long is the process?

It depends, you might be able to have instant implants, therefore taking away that second appointment, but you would need to check with us beforehand. Sometimes we perform the implant then around 3-4 months later we can fit your teeth, both processes are very standard and perfectly pain free.

Post Implant – What happens?

We need to make sure the bone has fused around the implant and has taken well, once we have seen this we can then add the teeth to the implant. As said before this can be up to 3-4 months depending on how well the implant fuses to the jawbone

Factors that affect the health of your dental implants.

As with normal teeth, dental implants require regular maintenance checkups, normally every 6 months is the limit. However, factors that can affect your dental implants are:

  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy Diet
  • Stress 
  • Gum Disease

For more information on our dental implants, visit our dental implants page or call us for a free consultation today.