Dental Hygienist Central London

There are many reasons why tooth decay occurs and you would surprised to hear of the many issues and problems that accelerate tooth decay in children and adults. At Sonria we like to focus on Preventing Tooth Decay.

Here are the main reasons that tooth decay can arise:

  • Fruit – The acid in fruit can burn through the enamel on teeth and cause teeth to erode, this is more with citric acid fruits like lemons, oranges and fruit drinks.
  • Sweets – The sugar in sweets naturally erodes enamel and is one of the biggest reasons for cavities we see in the dentists for children.
  • Smoking & Alcohol – A sure way of adding plaque to your teeth is with smoking and drinking too much.
  • Neglect – Not cleaning your teeth properly, we advise twice a day with dental floss too.

So, with tooth decay culprits clearly defined above, how is it that we still see many patients with tooth decay and then requiring crowns, fillings and even tooth extractions to combat the problem. Knowledge on Preventing Tooth Decay is limited in the general public and we are here to advise and share knowledge.

Well, the Science Daily website seems to have found an answer and it is all natural. As well as adhering to the rules above and if you are a smoker and drinker, then taking extra precaution and measures is a must. Click the button below and read this fascinating article.